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KEFI Fit™ Kids

Kefi Fit Kids

The New Kefi Fit Kid On the Block

Community Give Back Program

KEFI Fit™ KIDS is a program created for kids that allows them to get exercise in a fun creative structured environment. Classes emphasize and incorporate songs and dance tunes that they identify with.

The KEFI Fit™ KIDS program is based on the spirit of “keeping it local”. We pride ourselves on supporting local schools, organizations, business and communities. In this case we donate a portion of our profits back to the education facility ( school) that implements and incorporates KEFI Fit™ KIDS into their extra curricular program.


Boys and girls 6-12 that get a chance to socialize with friends and jam into a cool mood with their favourite cultural and modern music. Ask about our daycare program (18 months – 5 years).


A 30 minute program with great energy packed  kid friendly routines. Cultural exploration elements into a class structure environment.


Helps develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporates fitness with putting kids into a great mood. Will help with respect, team work, confidence, self esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, balance and cultural awareness.

For more information send us an e- mail to: info@kefifit.ca , titled “KIDS”.  Ask about our KEFI KIDS birthday parties and special event packages and let us bring the fun and the fitness to your next get together.