Laval Region

To know Vicky, is to love her! There is not a person who has crossed paths with her and has not left with a smile. She is the life of the party and KEFI FIT™ is no exception! If you have ever attended a class in Laval, you have met Vicky. She is the first face you see and the one you remember the most!

South Shore Region

Chrisie grew up in the Park Extension area in Montreal and eventually made her way to the South Shore! She has her hands full being the mom of 3 wonderful boys (men now) and wife to her partner in crime, but that does not stop her from getting her KEFI FIT™ workouts in.

South Shore Region

Stella and her million-dollar smile can be found assisting in the operation of our South Shore classes! A 22-year veteran in the financial industry, mom of 2 and involved in school committees and various other projects; BUSY is one word to describe Stella but her motivation to help others is felt by all who know her!

KEFI FIT™ Fitness Instructor
(Park Extension, Montreal Region)

Martha was instrumental in the development of KEFI Fit™ and assisted Head Office and Dina (Creator & Founder) with her vision of the program. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her, and her memory will live on.

KEFI FIT™ Fitness Instructors
(West Island, Montréal Region)

Voula and Maria operate and lead our program in the West Island area of Montreal and weekly virtual classes. They also spearhead our corporate fitness program, promoting KEFI FIT™ in the workplace. Their energy, passion and motivation has taken the city by storm.

Creator & Founder

Dina’s been in the fitness industry since 2015 going from couch to instructor as a brand ambassador for another program. Opting a shift in philosophy and motivated by a desire to touch people on a grass roots local level she went on to obtain her YMCA Fitness Certification in Group Choreography and create KEFI Fit™.