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KEFI Fit™ is a 1 hour aerobic dance program with simple choreography that anyone can follow. It is a predominately Greek themed exercise class with a sample of multicultural mix that sometimes Bollywood, Arabic and even disco! Variety is the spice of life for all ages – what better city to represent our cultural mosaic than that in Montreal and Canada. We combine traditional aerobic movements (jumping jacks, leg lifts, knee lifts etc.) and Greek dance steps which creates the perfect cardio combo: KEFI Fit™!  Although we didn’t invent aerobics or the ZORBA dance, we’re bringing it back and making it FUN! People have been exercising to Greek music for decades and we’re thrilled to share our passion with you!

There is some strength training incorporated into the program by using lunges, boxing moves and arm exercises designed to work both your core as well as target some of the major muscle groups. The option of using resistance bands in available in KEFI Fit™ Toning class for a portion of the class. (contact us to find out which class) Please note that very basic arm exercises will be demonstrated during this segment that can be done with or without the use of resistance bands. The main theme throughout the class is DANCE!

We strive to create a workout class for EVERYONE. The beauty of KEFI Fit™ is that you decide what kind of class you want to have. There are some days when you feel like pushing yourself to the limit and others when you simply want to close your eyes and dance to the music you love. Either way – this class is for you.

KEFI Fit™ is a lifestyle. It is an outlet; it is a place where you are encouraged to simply BE. It is a sense of empowerment and wellbeing. A place where you can dance your stress away. A place where you can attain your fitness goals without the judgements or stigma or fear that often plagues us. A place where you can ask questions, talk about your day, share recipes and be a part of a strong network of inspiring people. A place where group hugs are part of the deal and laughing is a must. THIS is what KEFI Fit™ represents to me and hopefully to you.