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Tilda Carbone – January 2020

January 3, 2020 4:13 pm Published by

Inspirational. Dedicated. Motivated. Lady on a mission are some of the words I would use to describe Tilda. She shares her journey to wellness with everyone and encourages her fellow members to do the same.  Her commitment to her health and her balancing act to juggle fitness, motherhood, family life and career is relatable, and her eagerness to succeed is inspiring to all. She brings her energy and her “Woo Hoo’s” to each and every class and has become a staple in our Laval classes. Always smiling, you’ll find Tilda in the front of the class giving it her all even during the days when she feels like giving up.  A testament of strength and perseverance, Tilda is proof that we CAN do it given the right support system and attitude. It’s a pleasure to have Tilda in my class, I’m unbelievably proud of her and thank her for including me and KEFI Fit™ on her health and fitness journey.

Congratulations Tilda and keep up the amazing work! You’ve got a whole tribe rooting for you!

Dina Bastounis, KEFI Fit™