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Dina’s Journey

I often reflect on my life and experiences and look in the mirror with difficulty at times struggling to see the reflection that others see.  I was obese most of my life and found comfort in food in the same way a baby finds comfort with a pacifier. I spent most of my childhood and adult life trying to fight it by trying out every program in the market.  I failed. Every. Single. Time.

My weight was affecting my health, my life, my mobility, my career, my relationships, my self-esteem. My existence was defined by the number on the scale and the higher the number the less worthy I felt.  As a result of my failing health – my physician recommended bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery is not a magic solution or a quick fix. It is a tool that assists one in maintaining their weight – it is a last resort which did save my life however it’s not a magic cure.  I still struggle with my weight but I no longer allow it to determine my self worth. I work on maintaining my health every single day, knowing full well I’m one cheesecake away from reversing all of the work I’ve put in!  The one lesson I’ve learned is that there is strength in numbers. Regardless as to what struggle each of us is facing whether it’s financial, emotional, physical, and psychological, social or medical the one common element that we all share is our ability to come together and love. So find something you love and simply do it. Use whatever tools are out there to help you, but simply do it.

There is something powerful and empowering when like minded women come together and If I’m able to keep myself in check it’s because of my members and if I am able to inspire others along the way, then I’ve done my job. People have the need to belong. KEFI Fit™ is a place where you can feel you BELONG and if you can forget all of the things that cause you stress for just 1 hour in our classes then we have served our purpose and this program has done what it’s set out to do.


Dina Bastounis
Creator & Founder KEFI Fit™
YMCA F.I.T. Certified Fitness Instructor, Group Choreography