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A New YOU, ALL Year Round.

December 30, 2017 6:33 pm Published by

As we wrap up 2017, we often use this time of year to reflect on our past accomplishments, achievements and yes even our failures. More often than not we beat ourselves up for not committing to past resolutions that we vowed to keep! Every 1st of the year we adamantly and passionately declare changes that we whole heartedly want to make. THIS will be the year we lose weight. THIS will be the year we go to the gym. THIS will be the year we find our dream job. THIS will be the year we find love, or rekindle the spark! THIS WILL BE THE YEAR! Does that sound familiar? There is nothing more demotivating than mid March when you realize you didn’t quite stick to your resolutions of perfection like you had hoped you would. My wish for my members, my friends and my family this year is to simply find fulfillment in the simple things and know that every day that passes in an opportunity for a new day, a new life and a new YOU. Although January 1st is a nice place to start, it does not have to be the starting point of the race. Make small changes throughout the year that you feel will add quality to your life and rest assured if you miss the boat on Jan 1st, you can always get back on the next day and enjoy the journey.

May your homes and your lives be full of passion, love, LIFE, health, joy, prosperity, patience, courage, compassion, KEFI and laughter. Enjoy every moment and find joy in the things that matter.

God bless and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Dina, KEFI Fit™

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