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KEFI In Toronto! Meet Maria D.!

April 19, 2017 3:50 pm Published by

Who’s Maria D.?!

Maria is my right hand in Toronto.  She’s the one who will be bringing the KEFI to your area and believe me when I tell you this woman is a force to be reckoned with.  She’s fierce, she’s passionate and she believes in what she does.  Her desire to make a difference and touch people’s lives is motivating and inspiring.

Maria and KEFI Fit™

I had met Maria by chance during one of her visits to Montreal.  She had participated in one of my previous fitness classes as a member and she just POPPED!  Her enthusiasm resonated with me as it’s difficult not to notice people who naturally shine.  Maria was one of those people.  She simply – shined.  When KEFI Fit™ was launched our connection was renewed and the rest is history.  Introductory classes are great. Introducing programs and concepts and classes is one thing. Maintaining, inspiring, growing and motivating your members in person one on one is something very different.  When Maria showed an interest to be that person in Toronto – I was not only relieved but whole heartedly ecstatic because in all honesty, how often do you find a person who has the same goals, vision and authenticity as you? If anybody can bring KEFI into your life and continue what we’ve started here in Montreal – it’s her.

What’s Maria’s story?

“Sport, fitness and dance has been a part of my life since I arrived in Canada the summer of
1975 (a bony little girl with curls and lots of attitude). Born on the beautiful island of Crete in
Greece, my KEFI some would describe as “off the charts”.  I am competitive by nature and
when on the dance floor good luck getting me off.  I am a huge supporter of Girl Power and
of our Youth. Empowering them, and making sure they know they are beautiful and capable
of reaching their goals, no matter what that may be. When you know you can make
someone smile, laugh, feel good about themselves, and play a small part in their
accomplishments it’s an immeasurable feeling. I speak up and stand up for what is right and
I make sure they always know they have someone on their side.  My two awesome kids
have made me into the strong, determined woman I am today.  They have seen their mom
fight through it all and this is just another opportunity for me to show them that helping others
and getting involved in your community is a blessing.  The reward is just too great to put into
words. That’s why KEFI Fit™ is me and I am KEFI Fit™. I have found a home where I can help
others see just how amazing they are and meet some new friends in the process.  How lucky
am I?!” – Maria Dimitropoulos

Where can you find Maria?!

You will find her – EVERYWHERE!  The Montrealers, Maria and I will be launching her KEFI Fit™ class after May long weekend in East York.  We will announce once we’ve secured all venues but rest assured you will enjoy affordable, fun KEFI filled classes in an area near you!

GREAT! How can I contact Ms. Maria D.?

You can reach Maria directly at kefifittoronto@gmail.com.  Our main contact is info@kefifit.ca and her schedule will be posted soon!



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