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3 Greek Sisters and KEFI!

February 7, 2017 8:47 pm Published by

STOP! Here’s another quick fix diet and program offering 100% results – guaranteed! But make sure you follow it to the “T” and god forbid you fall off the wagon! Then what!? How exhausting is it and demotivating when you’re constantly being told what to eat.  What not to eat.  When you have everybody shoving their opinions and philosophies in your face and down your throat.  Whatever happened to “real” people eating “real” food and simply taking pleasure in the little things in life?  Well this is where the 3 Greek Sisters fit into KEFI Fit™.

I was drawn to the Bakopoulos sisters AKA “3 Greek Sisters” because they’re local Greek Canadian girls.  They’re passionate about what they do, and I love their method of cooking which is simple, basic and delicious Mediterranean cuisine that I grew up enjoying.  It was familiar.  It was comforting and it was home – but with actual measurements!

This excerpt from their award winning cookbook “Three Sisters Around the Greek Table” pretty much sums it up:

“You may also be surprised to discover that over half of the recipes in this book are vegetarian. This is real Greek cooking. The preparation of food in Greek culture is an expression of love. It says to those whom you prepare it for – you are worth the effort that this dish took. Like love, good food is comforting. For those preparing it, it is rewarding. For those who share in the feast, it is life affirming. Enjoy.” – Three Sisters Around the Greek Table.

Find your KEFI even in the kitchen and take pleasure in the simple things in life.  Balance is key combined with a positive outlook.  Life doesn’t need to be complicated.  Find a fitness activity that you enjoy, a group of people who bring out the best in you,  a glass of wine and a nice comforting healthy meal.  Throw in some upbeat belly dancing beats and Kefi Fit™ et voila! You’ve got the perfect recipe for a KEFI filled lifestyle that simply makes you feel good.

After all isn’t that what it’s all about? Finding your passion. Pursuing it and sharing it with others?  Our Greek Canadian girls 3 Greek Sisters do it in the kitchen and I bring it on the dance floor!

Grab a copy of their cookbooks and get a taste of your mother’s cooking! I’m telling you Black Eyed Peas with Kale and Lemon?! – Yep it’s really that good, who knew!


Find your KEFI!

Dina Bastounis


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