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[keh-fee] | adjective

A Greek and Arabic word that is used to describe passion, fun, joy, mojo, zest, and love for life, bliss, euphoria, excitement and an overall positive state of mind and being.  It is a cathartic expression of human emotion.

KEFI Fit™ is a journey that we want you to be a part of!

We aim to empower, motivate and include men and women from all walks of life and fitness levels. Our goal is to take you to the next level for a more complete lifestyle that includes fitness, nutrition, community and overall physical and mental wellbeing. KEFI Fit™ your way to a healthy and happy lifestyle by having FUN FOR A BETTER YOU™!

Dina's Journey

I often reflect on my life and experiences and look in the mirror with difficulty at times struggling to see the reflection that others see.  I was obese most of my life and found comfort in food in the same way a baby finds comfort with a pacifier. I spent most of my childhood and adult life trying to fight it by trying out every program in the market.  I failed. Every. Single. Time.

My weight was affecting my health, my life, my mobility, my career, my relationships, my self-esteem. My existence was defined by the number on the scale and the higher the number the less worthy I felt.  As a result of my failing health – my physician recommended bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery is not a magic solution or a quick fix. It is a tool that assists one in maintaining their weight – it is a last resort which did save my life however it’s not a magic cure.  I still struggle with my weight but I no longer allow it to determine my self worth. I work on maintaining my health every single day, knowing full well I’m one cheesecake away from reversing all of the work I’ve put in!  The one lesson I’ve learned is that there is strength in numbers. Regardless as to what struggle each of us is facing whether it’s financial, emotional, physical, and psychological, social or medical the one common element that we all share is our ability to come together and love. So find something you love and simply do it. Use whatever tools are out there to help you, but simply do it.

There is something powerful and empowering when like minded women come together and If I’m able to keep myself in check it’s because of my members and if I am able to inspire others along the way, then I’ve done my job. People have the need to belong. KEFI Fit™ is a place where you can feel you BELONG and if you can forget all of the things that cause you stress for just 1 hour in our classes then we have served our purpose and this program has done what it’s set out to do.


Dina Bastounis
Creator & Founder KEFI Fit™
YMCA F.I.T. Certified Fitness Instructor, Group Choreography


KEFI Fit™ is a 1 hour aerobic dance program with simple choreography that anyone can follow. It is a predominately Greek themed exercise class with a sample of multicultural mix that sometimes Bollywood, Arabic and even disco! Variety is the spice of life for all ages – what better city to represent our cultural mosaic than that in Montreal and Canada. We combine traditional aerobic movements (jumping jacks, leg lifts, knee lifts etc.) and Greek dance steps which creates the perfect cardio combo: KEFI Fit™!  Although we didn’t invent aerobics or the ZORBA dance, we’re bringing it back and making it FUN! People have been exercising to Greek music for decades and we’re thrilled to share our passion with you!

There is some strength training incorporated into the program by using lunges, boxing moves and arm exercises designed to work both your core as well as target some of the major muscle groups. The option of using resistance bands in available in KEFI Fit™ Toning class for a portion of the class. (contact us to find out which class) Please note that very basic arm exercises will be demonstrated during this segment that can be done with or without the use of resistance bands. The main theme throughout the class is DANCE!

We strive to create a workout class for EVERYONE. The beauty of KEFI Fit™ is that you decide what kind of class you want to have. There are some days when you feel like pushing yourself to the limit and others when you simply want to close your eyes and dance to the music you love. Either way – this class is for you.

KEFI Fit™ is a lifestyle. It is an outlet; it is a place where you are encouraged to simply BE. It is a sense of empowerment and wellbeing. A place where you can dance your stress away. A place where you can attain your fitness goals without the judgements or stigma or fear that often plagues us. A place where you can ask questions, talk about your day, share recipes and be a part of a strong network of inspiring people. A place where group hugs are part of the deal and laughing is a must. THIS is what KEFI Fit™ represents to me and hopefully to you.

KEFI Fit™ Kids

Kefi Fit Kids

The New Kefi Fit Kid On the Block

Community Give Back Program

KEFI Fit™ KIDS is a program created for kids that allows them to get exercise in a fun creative structured environment. Classes emphasize and incorporate songs and dance tunes that they identify with.

The KEFI Fit™ KIDS program is based on the spirit of “keeping it local”. We pride ourselves on supporting local schools, organizations, business and communities. In this case we donate a portion of our profits back to the education facility ( school) that implements and incorporates KEFI Fit™ KIDS into their extra curricular program.


Boys and girls 6-12 that get a chance to socialize with friends and jam into a cool mood with their favourite cultural and modern music. Ask about our daycare program (18 months – 5 years).


A 30 minute program with great energy packed  kid friendly routines. Cultural exploration elements into a class structure environment.


Helps develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporates fitness with putting kids into a great mood. Will help with respect, team work, confidence, self esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, balance and cultural awareness.

For more information send us an e- mail to: info@kefifit.ca , titled “KIDS”.  Ask about our KEFI KIDS birthday parties and special event packages and let us bring the fun and the fitness to your next get together.


KEFI Fit™ has strong ties with various local communities (Greek, Armenian, Lebanese, Syrian and more). This is what makes us unique and unites us all. Music doesn’t need a language. If you are interested in hosting a fundraising event and would like KEFI Fit™ to be a part of your efforts send us an email along with a brief description of your charitable cause and we’ll do our best to work with you and make your event a memorable one.

Corporate classes are also available for your place of business, school, and daycare or weight loss group. This is a fun way to incorporate exercise into your establishment and break up the monotony of the day! Your employees and members will thank you!  To implement corporate classes into your place of business or for fundraising opportunities please contact Dina directly at dina@kefifit.ca

For all corporate sponsorship opportunities please contact info@publissimo.ca



Mondays @ 8:00 pm (Instructor: Dina)
Laval Junior Academy – (Contact: dina@kefifit.ca / 514-962-8276)
2323 Daniel-Johnson Blvd, Laval, Quebec H7T 1H8
*6 week session: Jan 13 – Feb 17, 2020 $50/6 WEEK SESSION (Drop In Class Rate $10)

Wednesdays @ 7:30 pm (Instructor: Dina)
Laval Junior Academy – (Contact: dina@kefifit.ca / 514-962-8276)
2323 Daniel-Johnson Blvd, Laval, Quebec H7T 1H8
*6 week session: Jan 15 – Feb 19, 2020 $50/6 WEEK SESSION (Drop In Class Rate $10)


Tuesdays @ 7:30 pm (Instructor: Dina)
HCGM South Shore – Gym (Contact: dina@kefifit.ca / 514-962-8276)
5220 Grande Allee, Saint-Hubert, QC J3Y 1A1
* 6 week session: Jan 14 – Feb 18, 2020 $50/ 6 WEEK SESSION (Drop In Class Rate $10)


Mondays & Thursdays @ 8:30 pm (Instructors: Voula and Maria)
Studio 95 Dance Complex (Contact: voulamariakefifit@gmail.com)
4495 Westpark, Pierrefonds, QC  H9A 2K3
* Mondays 4 week session: Feb 3 – Feb 24, 2020 ($30 per session)               * Thursdays 4 week session: Feb 6 – Feb 27, 2020 ($30 per session)

Fridays @ 7:00 pm (Instructors: Voula and Maria)
Studio 95 Dance Complex (Contact: voulamariakefifit@gmail.com)
4495 Westpark, Pierrefonds, QC H9A 2K3
* Fridays 4 week session: Feb 14 – March 6, 2020 ($30 per session) 


Wednesdays @ 7:30 pm (Instructor: Martha)
Kefalonian House of Montreal 2nd Floor (Contact: info@kefifit.ca)
535 Ogilvy Ave, Montreal QC  H3N 1M9
*Weekly drop in rate $8/per class  – Beginning January 15, 2020


Thursdays @ 6:00 pm (Instructor: Dina)
Studio X Ottawa  (Contact: info@kefifit.ca)
122-250 City Centre Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1R 6K7
*Session 1: (February 6 – February 27, 2020) $45 or $15 drop in rate          *Session 2: (March 5 – March 26, 2020) $45 or $15 drop in rate 


Friday, March 6, 2020 @ 7:00 pm (Instructor: Dina)
Elite Danceworx  (Contact: info@kefifit.ca)
150 Bullock Drive,  Markham, ON L3P 1W2
$15/per class – POP UP FITNESS CLASS  




Our goal is to make exercise fun, affordable and accessible to everyone.  Our program is available at various community centres, gyms and dance studios therefore our prices reflect the location of our classes.

Prices are subject to change depending on venue, city and member participation at any time.  

Laval Fees: EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 2019 ($30 per 4 week session or $10 drop in rate) Register: info@kefifit.ca

Park Extension Fees ($8 per person payable at the door)

South Shore Fees:  EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 2019 ($30 per 4 week session or $10 drop in rate) Register:  info@kefifit.ca

West Island Fees: EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 2019 ($30 per 4 week session or $10 drop in rate) Register: voulamariakefifit@gmail.com

Please refer to your instructor or send us an email at info@kefifit.ca for further information.

Healthy Mediterranean
Cooking Suggestions

Brought to you by
3 Greek Sisters

KEFI Fit™ is proud to showcase Canada’s very own 3 Greek Sisters cookbook ideas to our members. Their first cookbook, ‘Three Sisters Around the Greek Table’ received a Gourmand World Cookbook Award and New York Book Festival, Best Cookbook of the Year Award. It is a national best seller. We asked our local Canadian talent for their help in providing heathy Mediterranean recipes and for a few surprise visits for our members!

For more great recipes subscribe to www.3greeksisters.com.



Food does not have to be a 4 letter word. Most of us have a love/hate relationship with food. There are countless of weight loss programs out there, high protein, low carb, weekend carb cheat days – but only a little bit, liquid diets, cleansing, juicing, detoxing. EVERYTHING works! The science is very simple. Consume less calories, burn more calories ET voila! However, what works for one may not work for another. Our philosophy is simple. Enjoy the food you eat. Savour it and find balance in everything. Focus more on the Quality VS the Quantity and find your KEFI – even in the kitchen. The Mediterranean lifestyle is what our ancestors have sworn by for centuries and what better combination of foods to enjoy than feta cheese, olive oil, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, oregano and topped with some basil?

Here are some of our favourite Mediterranean inspired dishes:

Submit your own recipe by emailing it to dina@kefifit.ca
It will be reviewed before being posted on the website.

Team KEFI Fit™ Summer Message

☀️ A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU, from all of us at KEFI FIT™️! Wishing you a restful and HAPPY SUMMER! We thank you for your love and support along the way and we look forward to reuniting with you soon. Look out for pop up classes either online or at a park near you (when permitted). In the meantime stay active, stay happy, stay connected and stay safe. Message us anytime! We’re here for you as you’ve always been here for us. We love you! ❤️


📧 info@kefifit.ca | www.kefifit.ca

The Team

  • Chrisie Kastanis

    South Shore Admin & Event Planner

    Chrisie has been a loyal member from her first class! Her dedication, motivation and love for our program makes her a great ambassador and representative of KEFI Fit™.  A natural planner and organizer Chrisie is a part of the South Shore team and assists in various administrative areas.  She’s also taken a leading role in planning events and organizing activities among the team, members and fundraisers. You’ll see Chrisie welcoming you at both our South Shore and LaSalle locations!



  • Voula Vasiliou

    KEFI Fit™ Instructor

    Greater Montreal Area

    Voula is a full time mom, raising her two beautiful twin girls while also helping run the family business. On the flip side her biggest passion is dance and helping others feel their best. Being part of the West Island Greek dancing group for over 15 years, she’s learned what Kefi really means, fun, energy, laughter and enthusiasm. With her partner Maria, these two will keep you on your toes, laughing, smiling and enjoying yourself the entire time. Join Voula with her partner Maria in the Ville St. Laurent and West Island areas of Montreal as they bring the KEFI into your fitness class! You can reach them directly at voulamariakefifit@gmail.com
  • Maria Vriniotis

    KEFI Fit™ Instructor
    Greater Montreal Area

    Maria is a chef by day and dance machine by night!  You will find her and her better half Voula teaching our St. Laurent and West Island classes . Having lived in Greece for a long time and being part of a Greek folkloric dance group for 11 years , she highlights that having KEFI in everything you do is very important in your everyday life. She is constantly trying to be a great role model to her two beautiful girls and is a strong supporter of women empowerment and living a healthy lifestyle. Join Maria along with her partner Voula in the Ville St. Laurent and West Island areas of Montreal as they bring the KEFI in your workout! You can reach them directly at voulamariakefifit@gmail.com
  • Tiffany Theofilos

    KEFI Fit™ KIDS Instructor Greater Montreal Area

    Tiffany is trained in hip-hop, jazz and contemporary dance, and has been teaching dance, fitness and parent / child classes for kids between 4 months – 12 yrs old and teens.  She is a dynamic entertainer animating various birthday parties, camps, schools, corporate events and weddings. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics and Psychology, Tiffany’s passion extends to working with children and adults with special needs and her ability to engage children with her wide imagination enriches the quality of her classes as her priority is to make everyone feel at home.  Her approach is one that highlights open communication and a feeling of belonging which is something that is emphasized everyday at KEFI Fit™!
  • Natasha Lingonis

    KEFI Fit™ KIDS Instructor Trainee  Greater Montreal Area

    Natasha is a full time college student studying Commerce.  She loves to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle by working out, going for runs and teaching KEFI Fit™!  She loves working with children and is a positive mentor for our KEFI kids. Some of her hobbies include travelling and photography and her optimistic view on life, team spirit and passion for wellness makes her the perfect addition to our KEFI family! You will find Natasha dancing with your kids at one of many corporate, scholastic classes. Bringing the KEFI to your KIDS one school at a time!


  • Yro Kotsoros

    KEFI Fit™ KIDS Instructor Trainee
    Greater Montreal Area

    Yro is a full time college student studying Commerce and she assists the instructors in various areas predominately in Park Extension.  She is an energetic young lady who is heavily involved in her church group as well as various fundraising events.  She loves Greek dance, general fitness and community.  Yro loves to discover the hidden treasures of Montreal – including coffee shops and our local boutiques!  You will find Yro bring the KEFI to your KIDS – one school at a time!


  • Dina Bastounis

    Creator & Founder

    Dina’s been in the fitness industry since 2015 going from couch to instructor as a brand ambassador for another program. Opting a shift in philosophy and motivated by a desire to touch people on a grass roots local level she went on to obtain her YMCA Fitness Certification in Group Choreography and create KEFI Fit™. Her motivation is her members. Real stories, real people from all walks of life, finding a safe place to not only move and exercise but to build a community of inclusivity that speaks to people of all cultural backgrounds and walks of life. Aerobics isn’t a new invention, neither is Greek music. Package it however you want, at the end of the day it’s all about how you make people feel and Dina and her team do a pretty good job at making you feel GREAT!
  • Martha Giannopoulos

    KEFI Fit™ Instructor
    Greater Montreal Area

    Martha currently manages and runs weekly classes in the Park Extension Area of Montreal. She’s a mom of 2 young and energetic girls and always finds time to get her work outs in. She’s a great motivator, high energy instructor and finds her KEFI in everything she does. Martha is a power house and brings the FIT to the KEFI! She’ll get you moving and having a great time!

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For further information please contact us at info@kefifit.ca or give us a call at 514.962.8276.

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